“The Ronin Group played a critical role in building our Asian Pacific American marketing program from the ground up. We could not have become one of the leaders in this market without their unique perspectives and valuable insights.”

Andre Howell
Director, Relationship Marketing
Allstate Insurance Company

“Bob Kumaki is a creative, relational thinker who recognizes and forges connections that other people don’t see. His ideas are innovative and compelling, yet eminently practical.”

William Taki Jr.
President and CEO
Phoenix Global Advisors LLC

“Uncertainty can’t be avoided, especially with a first venture. Fortunately, Bob Kumaki provided experienced guidance through our first-time decisions, and unfaltering support through our, hopefully, last-time mistakes.”

Jake Chen

“For years, marketers have stumbled around as they tried to target Asian Americans. Now we have a book that answers those crucial questions: Who are they? How do I reach them? Many Cultures, One Market is surprisingly easy to read – and should be read by every marketing and advertising genius who wants to learn more about this rapidly growing segment.”

Joe Cappo
Former Publisher of Advertising Age