While other management consulting services claim to provide every service in every product category for every client – from concept development right through execution – we do not. Our services tap into our strengths that can offer the most value to our clients:

      – Strategic Planning
      – New Market Development
      – Brand Image Development & Product Positioning
      – Marketing Communications
      – Multi-Cultural Marketing
      – Strategic Alliances
      – Consumer Research and Insights

The Ronin Group operates as an inter-related group of companies designed to access the best the marketing community has to offer. Our clients enjoy relationships exclusively with senior-level consultants. We convene the right mix of resources and talent only at the right time, with no forced “cross-selling.” The Ronin Group’s flat team structure has saved our clients considerably when compared with the “built-in overhead” fees so often charged by other companies.

For more information about our services call: 847-477-5209.